Lenticular Sheets

3D Lenticular Sticker For Kids clothes

3D Lenticular Sticker For Kids clothes

3D Lenticular Sticker Tag on Clothing And Garment Change Figure Label

3D Lenticular Sticker Tag on Clothing And Garment Change Figure Label

Hologram Bottle Label Holographic Lenticular Sticker Glitter Shinny Print Custom Sheet

Hologram Bottle Label Holographic Lenticular Sticker Glitter Shinny Print Custom Sheet

PET 3D Lenticular Sheet

Wholesale Custom Printing PET 3d Lenticular Sheet 50 Lpi

Buy from The Top-Rated Lenticular Sheet Manufacturer

Yibin Plastic is your stop-shop for Lenticular Sheets. As a renowned Lenticular Sheet manufacturer, we offer multi-purpose packaging sheets that you can use for cosmetics, mobile phones, liquor, wine, chocolates, and medicines.

Leading 3D Lenticular Sheet Manufacturer

As a 3D Lenticular Sheet Manufacturer, we prioritize quality in every manufacturing process step. Our 3D sheets use high-grade components to guarantee sturdiness and excellent print quality. We are a reputable Manufacturer of 3D Lenticular Sheets, so you can be sure you'll get goods that adhere to the highest industry standards.

Premium Lenticular Sheet Supplier Offers an Extensive Product Range:

 Yibin Plastic is a renowned lenticular sheet supplier in the Lenticular Sheets domain. We offer wholesale lenticular sheets, 3D lenticular sheets, and bespoke ornamental paintings are our forte. We can meet different packaging and printing requirements with such a wide variety. Our comprehensive selection guarantees that we have the ideal lenticular product for you, whether you need eye-catching images, anti-counterfeit solutions, or personalized branding.

Customization Options:

We provide customization choices for our lenticular packaging sheets. We can make your concept come to life, whether you need specific artwork, designs, or branding components incorporated into your package. To design unique lenticular solutions that distinguish your items from the competition, our talented staff collaborates closely with you.

State Of the Art Technology

 As a well-known 3D Lenticular Sheet Manufacturer, we always use the latest technology in 3D software development to manufacture our products. Our team of experts always tries to find new solutions, such as cylinder engraving technologies from Co., that satisfy our customer's needs by keeping international standards in mind.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction:

 We are an excellent lenticular sheet manufacturer and always value our customer satisfaction. Our delivery team is committed to your top-notch service, timely delivery, and personalized support.

Affordable Prices

 Being a provider of bulk lenticular sheets, we constantly work to make our products affordable for our customers. Irrespective of the quantity of your order, we provide these premium 3D lenticular sheets at unbeatable wholesale prices, making us a top choice among lenticular sheet suppliers in the United States for various applications, including promotion, direct mail, and large format printing.

With our thickness options ranging from 0.25mm to 0.58mm, 75 LPI resolution, and a wide range of materials, Yibin Plastic stands as a proud member of the graphic arts and lenticular printers community, offering cutting-edge solutions that redefine 3D printing and enhance viewing angles for captivating visual experiences. Contact us today to place your order and explore the world of innovative 3D products from the pioneers in the industry.

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